Regular check-ups pay off – for your health and in your bonus booklet

Brushing your teeth is most important. However, a tooth brush may not reach smaller spaces, e.g. between teeth.

A dental prophylaxis is a regular cleaning procedure at your dental office in order to thoroughly clean the teeth and thereby prevent or defer the progression of periodontal disease or cavities. Therefore, we have a specially trained Dental Hygienist who performs this treatment in our office.

Professional teeth cleaning (PTC)

Benefits of a PTC:

  • thoroughly clean and smooth teeth – feel the smoothness of your teeth after the cleaning process
  • smooth tooth surfaces not only ease the daily brushing but also lower the likelihood of dental plaque
  • reduces the risk of caries (cavity) and periodontal disease
  • your teeth will be distinctly brighter
  • Ihre Zähne werden wieder deutlich weißer!
  • a child-friendly individual prophylaxis for children up to the age of 18, is subsidized by all public and private health insurances.

What happens at a professional teeth cleaning?

In order to offer you best service, we have a specially trained Dental Hygienist who performs this treatment in our office.

A professional dental cleaning includes

  • individual oral hygiene instructions to improve home care
  • the thorough removal of tartar by using hand instruments or ultrasonic devices

In addition, the application of soft salt crystal irradiation removes external stains and deposits and thereby complete the pretreatment.

At the end of the cleaning process a final hardening of the polished enamel is performed by fluoridation of the cleaned tooth surfaces.

The right nutrition: an important part of prevention

In order to prevent caries and periodontal disease not only proper dental care is important but the proper nutrition plays a fundamental role. Therefore, refrain from sugary foods and drinks and it is advised to enjoy rather 3-4 meals per day instead of numerous smaller snacks and drinks throughout the day.

As part of a professional dental cleaning, we also offer insights on a healthy diet and valuable details on all aspects of proper nutrition.

How often should a professional teeth cleaning / prophylaxis be performed?

Depending on your home care and thus on the extent of contamination and the superficial inflammation of the gingiva a cleaning should be performed at least once a year but may also be necessary in a more frequent interval.

Scientific studies have shown that a professional cleaning has the best cost-benefit ratio in dental services.

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Regular check-ups pay off – for your health and in your bo...

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